Helpful hints

  • Look for Algarve Motorhome Support Network members to park overnight. The sites are identified with the network`s symbol; 
  • Avoid remaining or staying overnight in illegal, unlicensed nor unidentified parking areas. These sites have been emerging in the Algarve and do not comply neither with the comfort nor with the safety standards required by the existing legislation;
  • Do not remain or stay overnight in unauthorized areas, such as parking places, roadways, parking places located near the beaches, cliffs, sand dunes, pinewoods, etc. These parking areas cannot provide the facilities and services you might need (water supply, electricity, waste disposal, WI-FI, etc.), neither the comfort nor the safety required. By staying in these illegal spaces you are breaking the law and the current regulations;
  • The stay or overnight stay in either one of the places mentioned, poses serious public health problems and have a negative impact over the delicate environmental balance of these areas, due to their environmental and landscape specificities. It also represents a potential risk to all Motorhome users regarding safety as well as the unexpected occurrence of natural phenomena; 
  • The stay and overnight stay in illegal, unauthorized spaces may be subject to the local authorities intervention.